Water accompanies us from the very start of our lives, it is the source of life and it has magnificent healing powers. Being in the water relaxes us deeply and dissolves our sensations, enabling an ideal therapeutic environment for both body and mind.
I invite you to disconnect from your day-to-day reality and to find the internal peace, love and tranquility that is locked up in each and every one of us.
Here you can find information about the wonderful method of water treatment, details about me, and about the various treatments that I offer.


Healingdance Treatment

With healing dance, the feeling of physical release of the body works in parallel with the release of thought and mental relaxation. The guiding concept in this method is that the healing process starts within, through the experience of movement reminiscent of dance, which is where the name healing dance comes from
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Waterdance Treatment

The body is totally immersed in warm water, just like the place where it all began … The deep womb-like silence allows the client to disconnect, to see himself from the outside, and to listen to the depths of his own breath. And so, emotional and mental baggage slowly melts and is washed away. when the treatment ends, new energy flows and clients feel relaxed and more released than ever
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Watsu Treatment

As your body relaxes, Watsu helps you to let go of your thoughts, leading to full mental calm which can be coupled with a release of emotions. At the end of the treatment, your body will flow with renewed energy and you will feel a sense of inner tranquility that you have never felt before
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