I was born (1979) and raised in Eilat. For as long as I can remember, water was my home and my refuge. I always had the option of covering myself with water, disconnecting from my surroundings and feeling protected. My strongest, most formative experiences came from water, like stones being cast into the depths and leaving ripples circling outwards.
My love for water led me to the dolphin reef, and for seven years I swam with the dolphins every day, and assisted people to meet with these extraordinary and magnificent mammals. Elated by the power of these meetings every time, I volunteered to work in a therapeutic program for children with disabilities. The connection that I built up with the dolphins taught me, gracefully and wordlessly, the meaning of sensitivity, contemplation, space and unconditional love.
At the reef, I underwent my first ever water treatment. In a single hour, years of sensations and memories, both happy and sad, rose up and through me. I felt release and immense tranquility and I gave myself up to a dance which was entirely mine, without anyone looking on or examining my body or my mind. I felt loved, and I felt loving. Feelings of loneliness and sadness met with freedom and joy.
The treatment experience was so significant that I found myself once again being pulled by the water to my next destination. I decided to devote myself to treating people in water, to continue passing on what the water gives to me, to enable others to experience, in the lightness and pleasantness of the current, what is not easily possible on dry land – to see their island from a different perspective. From a place of unconditional love, without judgment or expectation, simply being there, touching and moving them in an ocean of their own absolute personal space.
I am now a qualified hydrotherapist, having obtained my qualifications from the Wingate Institute and having been taught by the best teachers in the field, in Israel and around the world. I provide personal treatments and pampering workshops, and enable you to experience this treatment in Israel and overseas. I combine a variety of holistic treatment methods in my work, such as: Watsu, Water Dance, Healing Dance, Reiki, CHT. I also combine a personal touch that I acquired through many years working with the dolphins, which is expressed in movement, attentiveness, emotion and touch, which turns the meeting into a deep connection of body and mind. Each treatment is unique and is personally tailored and based on mutual trust and attentiveness to the needs of the customer.

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