The healing dance technique was developed in Europe in the 1990s by Alexander Georgeakopoulos, a dancer, choreographer and practitioner of the Trager method.
Like water dance, the treatment is in a pool of water heated to between 34 and 36 degrees Celsius.
The client is supported and led gently around the pool by the therapist.
The treatment combines movements which encourage deep breathing and awaken the diving reflex.
With continuous attention being paid to the client’s breathing, in a state of deep relaxation, the client is led underwater as he exhales, being brought up to the surface again to inhale.

The therapist needs to know many techniques and to be able to move freely about in the water with broad and fluid dynamic movements.
The warm water envelops the body and permits flexibility, extension and a wide and free range for the body to move in.
A magical and special dance experience is achieved with the help of wave-like, infinite movements that pass through the entire body like a figure-of-eight.

With healing dance, the feeling of physical release of the body works in parallel with the release of thought and mental relaxation. The guiding concept in this method is that the healing process starts within, through the experience of movement reminiscent of dance, which is where the name healing dance comes from.

Healing dance is suitable for everyone, and is tailored individually to each and every client.
As a purely pampering experience, for reducing physical and emotional stress.
For individuals, couples, and as a special gift.

This is an excellent method for sports players and dancers,
for people suffering from back pain, muscle pain and joint pain.
for treatment of stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, self-image, trust and other issues …

And for anyone who loves the water and wants to feel good, to connect to him or herself and to find that tranquility that is so elusive in day-to-day life.