The treatments on dry land are given by Almog Keinan (my identical twin brother), an experienced and professional massage therapist.
He is a graduate of Wingate Institute (as a health and physical fitness trainer), the Mahut College (as a Shiatsu practitioner) and the Tiltan College (as a senior medical massage therapist).


For years, he was an instructor together with me at the dolphin reef in Eilat – second home for us.

His connection to the world of treatment and touch was simple and natural.

Almog strives to bring something of himself to each treatment, and to leave his customers with a pleasant sense of relaxation and a big smile.

Coming from the world of water, Almog’s massage therapy is fluid also, providing an extraordinary sensation of peace and tranquility.
His work combines the variety of massage techniques that he specializes in, together with generous quantities of almond oil with its pleasant and comforting aroma.

His touch is uninterrupted, flowing to all parts of the body, pleasant and caressing.

The strength and depth of the pressure vary and are personally tailored to each customer.


Almog offers the following treatments:

Combined Swedish Massage - a classic holistic treatment on a treatment bed using warm oil all over the body, contributing to blood flow, balance, renewal and freshness.
Combined Sports Massage - deep-tissue Chinese massage, dynamic and powerful, including elements of Shiatsu and Thai stretching methods. Recommended for people who engage in physical activity.
Hot Stones - Indian massage using warm oil combined with heated basalt stones which assist in softening the muscles, causing the blood to circulate and allowing a deeper massage. The stones, heat and touch combine to create an extraordinary, relaxing and pampering experience.
Shiatsu - This Japanese treatment includes a series of pressure points and stretches covering most of the body, and is done fully clothed on a floor mattress. This treatment assists in the release of energy channels in the body, and helps connect body and mind to each other.
Ayuraveda Seed – a deep, thorough and relaxing method which brings all of the body’s systems into balance. This treatment combines sesame oil and calamus root powder, which detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation. This Indian massage performed on a floor mattress and combines yoga stretches to release joints, deep arm movements and body walking massage, employing rhythmic breathing to enhance the depth of the treatment.
Massages for Pregnant Women- (from Week 14 until birth) a massage treatment which provides physical and mental support, assists in the reduction of muscle and joint pain, treats and prevents fluid retention and promotes more comfortable, peaceful and relaxed sleep. This is a gentle massage which makes it easier to cope with the changes that take place during pregnancy, and which restore to the body the vitality that it needs for a healthy and pleasant pregnancy.

Baby Massage Workshop- an experiential workshop aimed at teaching parents how to massage their babies (from birth to crawling age).  Baby massage is a means of communication and of improving health, strengthening the body and preventing illnesses.  This massage is a source of love, warmth and intimacy.  It brings you closer to your baby and gives you all a feeling of comfort, security and relaxation and helps your baby get used to life outside of the womb.


For further details and to arrange a treatment call: +972-507708860

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* These treatments are performed at a private clinic in Eilat.


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