Water treatment is for everyone, of any age, whether it’s hot or cold outside.
This is a special, inspirational gift for yourself or someone you love.

It is a treatment for:



The warm water that envelops your body stimulates your blood flow, relaxes your nerves and causes muscles and joints to unwind. As you float, with nothing to worry about other than breathing, your spine is free from carrying the weight of your body, permitting flexibility, extension and a wide and free range for the body to move in.
The combination between the physical qualities of the water and this absolute disconnection is an outstanding basis for treatment. The harmonious movement that is so unique to water, as well as massages, stretches and energetic work both above and below the water will assist in reducing cumulated stresses; in releasing, relaxing and unwinding to an extent that is almost impossible on land.
I offer an effective series of treatments for people suffering from back and neck problems, sportsmen and women, dancers and people in constant control who put lots of stress onto their bodies.


Mind & SoulMind & Soul

In the water, the sensation of the body’s physical release works in parallel with the release of thought and mental relaxation. The body is totally immersed in warm water, just like where it all began … The deep womb-like silence allows for a meditative process to awaken from within. When the body is relaxed and free, and there is no need to worry about anything other than breathing, we are able to contemplate and listen to the depths of our souls. Using the experience of motion in the water, we learn to trust, to feel and to encompass, and so, our emotional and mental baggage slowly melts and is washed away.
This treatment is based on trust and a connection which brings the recipient of the treatment to new levels of connection and security.
A series of treatments is suitable to persons who are undergoing an emotional process and who wish to reach new insights. It is also good for treating issues such as: trust, control, self-image and depression. There is also a special series for people who suffer from hydrophobia.

Mind & Soul


Water treatment for couples is an extraordinary experience. In an intimate and romantic setting full of magic, softness and touch, the couple can disconnect from their day-to-day routine, and give themselves up to a joint harmonious experience of floating in warm water, enveloped in love and security.
Suitable as an anniversary or birthday present, or a special surprise, as a token of your love, this is an experience that will bring your love to fantastic heights. It is an enjoyable and unforgettable kind of pampering that will bring you closer together.


Expecting MothersExpecting Mothers

The water is at a temperature of 34.4°C and is safe for you and your baby. The warm water envelops and softens, carries the body and gives you a feeling of relief and comfort. A combination of circular, womb-like movements, massage, gentle stretches and connection to your breathing will help to release tension from your pelvis and lower back, to reduce the pressure on your abdomen and on your breathing, and is a relaxing and enjoyable preparation for birth.
Treatment during pregnancy is a unique experience akin to being in the womb, which increases the emotional connection between the mother and her unborn baby.
A supportive series of treatments throughout your pregnancy, from the beginning of the second trimester through to the date of delivery, replenishes the vitality that the body needs for a healthy and pleasant pregnancy. I also recommend post-natal treatment which assists in adjustment to the physical and emotional changes that the mother undergoes following delivery.

Expecting Mothers