The technique of water dance was developed in Europe by dancers Arjana Brunschwiler and Peter Schroter.
Like watsu, the treatment is in a pool of water heated to between 34 and 36 degrees Celsius.
The client is supported and led gently around the pool by the therapist.
The treatment combines movements which encourage deep breathing and awaken the diving reflex.
With continuous attention being paid to the client’s breathing, in a state of deep relaxation, the client is led underwater as he exhales, being brought up to the surface again to inhale.
The warm water envelops the body and permits flexibility, extension and a wide and free range for the body to move in, until the client reaches a feeling of release and of dancing in the water, which is where the name water dance comes from.

The body is totally immersed in warm water, just like the place where it all began … The deep womb-like silence allows the client to disconnect, to see himself from the outside, and to listen to the depths of his own breath.
And so, emotional and mental baggage slowly melts and is washed away.
When the treatment ends, new energy flows and clients feel relaxed and more released than ever.

Water dance is suitable for everyone, and is tailored individually to each and every client.
As a purely pampering experience, for reducing physical and emotional stress.
For individuals, couples, and as a special gift.

This is an excellent method for sports players and dancers,
for pregnant and post-natal women,
for people suffering from back pain, muscle pain and joint pain.
for treatment of stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, self-image, trust and other issues …

And for anyone who loves the water and wants to feel good, to connect to him or herself and to find that tranquility that is so elusive in day-to-day life.