Watsu was developed in the 1980s in the hot springs of California, by Harold Dull, a Zen Shiatsu therapist and instructor.
Floating in a pool of water heated to around 35, with your eyes closed, your head partially submerged and supported by the therapist as the warm water encases your body, your muscles relax and your movements become free and expansive. Your body’s position in the water takes the weight off your spine ensuring increased flexibility, extension and freedom of movement.
In this state of weightlessness, the therapist then combines movement, acupressure, massage and gentle stretches to bring you to a new level of total body relaxation.
As your body relaxes, Watsu helps you to let go of your thoughts, leading to full mental calm which can be coupled with a release of emotions. At the end of the treatment, your body will flow with renewed energy and you will feel a sense of inner tranquility that you have never felt before.
Watsu is for everyone and is individually tailored for you.
It is perfect for expectant mothers, sportsmen and women, dancers, people suffering from back, muscle and joint pain, and for treating stress, insomnia, depression and similar ailments.
If you love water and want to experience something new and different, something that will invigorate you and help you reclaim the inner calm so elusive in day-to-day living, then Watsu is for you.